Monday, September 23, 2013

New cousins on the Grimes, Gray, Evans Family Facebook Group

 I see that Brian has signed up cousin Lisa Barclay Benjamin, from the Thomas Evans branch of the family and she seems to have brought a whole gang of cousins along with her.  I hope you will all use and contribute to this blog. I haven't been posting with too much regularity lately so if you do leave comments or have questions it's much easier to remind me on FB that you've left something. I just noticed today that Lisa had left some comments. Sorry about that cuz.
 I also noticed that some of you newcomers are actually in or from KG and this is really exciting to me. I hope you have some more info about some of the things that happened done there or photos or stories or maybe even some time to check out some of the records that are in the courthouse or local historical societies. Does anyone have any family photos or know someone who might still have some old photos floating around? If you're interested in being an author on the blog please don't be shy, I welcome all the participation you want to offer.
 Stacy Johnston

Friday, August 10, 2012

The Grimes that were/not related.

Which is it? Well first let's see who we're talking about.
It's these two on the left. Annie Grimes and Percy Grimes. As Grimes they are not related but....

For those who are interested: I haven't traced George Mason Grimes to Albert Grimes, at least not yet. We can trace his children with his wife Pricilla (Jordan) Grimes Back to Charles Evans. So Annie Grimes is still a cousin. They share GGGrandparents

Here's how.

I have a Priscilla Jordan who married a George Mason Grimes. I don't know to much about George. But Priscilla is the daughter of Andrew Jordan and Priscilla Bumbry. Priscilla is the daughter of Bassett Bumbry and Susan Evans (Daughter of Charles and Susan Evans). Bassett Bumbry is the son of John Bumbry who is the son of Richard Bunbury. Richard was the child mulatto child of John Bunbury and a unknown slave.
From the 1940 Census.
Home in 1940: Moorestown, Burlington, New Jersey
View Map
Street: Cox Road
House Number: Box 71
Inferred Residence in 1935: Rural, King George, Virginia
Residence in 1935: Rural, King George, Virginia
Sheet Number: 1A
Neighbors: View others on page
Household Members:
Name Age
George M Grimes 60
Priscilla Grimes 49
Lloyd Grimes 22
Elsworth Grimes 20
Amanda Grimes 18
Josphine Grimes 16
Eilza Grimes 14
Wellford Grimes 11
Andrew Grimes 9
Annie Grimes 5

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Preserving Local History - Marion Woodfork Simmons

I found this interview and thought it to be interesting for two reasons. First, Caroline county is right next to King George county and I'm fairly certain we have relatives from there. Secondly, yet no less interesting, is the detail with which Marion Simmons describes as to how she went about doing her research.  I recommend listening to the interview so much, that it's even worth waiting through the rather lengthy musical introduction.

Preserving Local History-Marion Woodfork Simmons 03/08 by BerniceBennett | Blog Talk Radio

Marion Woodfork Simmons has been researching her family history for over 20 years.  She is the owner of Woodfork Genealogy, LLC a research consulting company that assists individuals to preserve their family and communities history. Her website ( provides a wealth of information for individuals performing genealogy research in Caroline County, Virginia.

Marion's Blog

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Charles & Susan Evans 1850 census King George Co. VA

This following a record of the 1850 census.
 I have not been able to find anything else about Charles and Susan earlier than thison line. I have been told that her family  was Prior. Now I have seen in the 1830 or 1840 KG census that there is a Nancy Evans who is a close neighbor to a Prior woman and as I have noticed these farmers aren't looking very far for wives and husbands. There are some discrepancies in Charles' age if you look at the 1860 census I believe he is still around the same age.  The daughter that is listed as Ann Evans is I believe the same Susanna (Evans) that is married to Bassett Bumbry since in the 1860 census they are in the the same page ogf the census and the the ages match as well. I would like some verification if someone can help me out with that. I also suspect that Peggy is the Margaret Evens that marries  Randolph Pinkard in 1867 although there is something funky in that marriage too, which I'll touch on later. I would appreciate some help there too, if someone can verify that. Somewhere I recollect seeing Charles death record, I'll post that when I find it. I believe the cause of death was listed as dropsy.